103 - Bed and Brews
Hotel and Cafe in Soi Nana, Yaowarat


Soi Nana, Yaowarat is a unique place for all who venture there.


Bangkok’s Chinatown is in the midst of a cultural and architectural renaissance, thanks to the care and attention of Bangkokians willing to keep the history of one of Thonburi’s oldest settled areas alive. 103 is the result of this same care and attention. Sitting proudly at the corner of Soi Nana and Rama 4 Road, 103 references the ramshackle era of Sino-Thai trade in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The shophouse was once a Chinese merchant’s home and business, through which traditional herbal medicines were imported, blended, and offered to the working class Chinese settlers of the area. Subtle colonial Chinese details are apparent throughout the colonial interior of 103, serving as a reminder of the former life of the building and providing a reference point for the surrounding area.


Soi Nana (Yaowarat) is a short but famous street hosting an eclectic mix of bars, art galleries, event spaces, eateries, and long-standing traditional businesses. Not to be confused with the other Soi Nana, the street has quickly gained recognition for its creative community and architecture. Within easy walking distance of Hua Lamphong station, the Temple of The Golden Buddha, and the bright lights of Yaowarat, Soi Nana is an alleyway you would happily get lost in – tucked away from the overwhelming bustle of Chinatown’s main strip, while still retaining the elements of daily life which have seen it remain a fixture for the local community.

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